Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AOVboost if I’m not on Shopify Plus?
Unfortunately, not yet. Due to Shopify only allowing Plus stores to edit their checkout (which is how AOVboost works) we’re currently only available for Shopify Plus users. However, one of the main reasons we originally built AOVboost was to help Shopify users rationalize the cost of upgrading to Shopify Plus. Most users - depending on order volume - are able to cover the cost with the additional revenue we help create.
Are you approved by Shopify?
Yes. We’re currently an unlisted app Shopify app store (we have to be unlisted due to only being available for Plus users).
How does the free trial work?
When you install the AOVboost you’ll get a free 7-day trial before your first billing. After the trial, you’ll be automatically builded by Shopify each month. If you ever want to cancel, just uninstall the app.
Are you available for international / multi-currency stores?
Yes. We support US, international, and multi-currency stores.
Can I run a full-price offer at checkout?
Yes. We support full price offers.
Can I run a discounted offer at checkout?
Yes. We support discounted offers.
Can I use this for a “free gift with purchase” offer at checkout?
Yes. We support gift with purchase offers.
Can I customize the look of my offer?
Yes. You can fully customize the offer to match your branding. All of our offer types allow for custom headlines, subheads, button text, background color, text color, button color, button shape, button size, and more.
Still have questions? Email: [email protected]